Why Use Smarttor

Mobility & Accessibility

Employees have the ability to enter data from anywhere. The leave requests can be submitted remotely and employees can monitor the status of their request in real-time; at the same time, employers can schedule interviews and approve leave request while on the road. Being able to access system and manage data from anywhere allows employers to accomplish daily tasks efficiently.

Get Smarter with Smarttor

Smarttor provides a smarter and fastest solution for employers even they are not in the workstation. Employers have the ability to review attendance report or blast the internal updates to all in minutes from the meeting or outstation, making the workflow immediate and simple rather than having to move from the meeting to a workstation to accomplish simple tasks.

Lower cost, High-Efficiency

Smarttor is an instant and secure communication channel for internal use. It is a high technology that does not infringe employer or employee’s personal data and privacy. In short, Smarttor helps you cutting time-consuming process and human error to bring accurate workforce reporting and efficient workflow at an affordable price.

Our Features

Internal Announcement

Spread the updates internally from mobile
Push notification of any new updates

Attendance Report

Check in & check out with auto detect WIFI system
Detailed attendance record by monthly
No invasion of privacy and personal data

Leave Application

Apply / manage leave application from mobile
Check leave entitlement, leave balance, leave status, leave record etc
Push notification of leave application

Reservation System

Reserve shared public facilities from mobile
Auto record and schedule your reservation
Reminder in advance of your scheduled reservation

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